Make any music into a live concert! Music Alive released

Scivone, LLC has released "Music Alive", a music player for the iPhone/iPod touch. Now available for 1.99$.

January 10, 2010, Scivone, LLC has released "Music Alive", an iPhone/iPod touch music player. Now avaialable at the app store.

Music Alive enables users to play sound effects along with music inside the ipod, which makes listing to music an interactive experience. Make your time listening to music even more fun an active.

Simply play along with drum sounds, or clap on as if you were at a live concert, the possibilities are endless. Enjoy the the most primitive joy of music, simple to use, with your favorite songs, anywhere.


Music Alive was created for a better audio experience. Focusing on the fact that many people commonly tap along to the music they are listening to, creating actual feed back to that action creates a whole new experience to music itself.


Title Music Alive
Target Systems All iPhone, iPod touch generations with iPhone OS 3.1.2 or above
Price 1.99$
Languages English, Japanese
Main features
  • A music player for the iPod with play list capabilities
  • Up to 3 different sound effects, chosen from a total of 30 samples

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