About Us

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To be the keeper of culture, intelect, memory,
to design future life.

Designing is our way of expressing our memories. Since the beginning of mankind, we have constantly been designing. The tools created by man are ingrained with the memories of there creator, wich ultimately specify future of mans creations. Our society and culture is founded upon the countless buildup of such memories.

Designing is the process of rediscovering and polishing the memories of mankind.

The 20th century was characterized by its mass production, mass consumption was marked by its western universality.

However, we are rediscovering the power that has been hidden within us and our culture once again. In a world where globalization and multi polarity is the norm, it is our mission to weave a memory that can be shared with all, that mingles all the qualities of societies in harmony.

Scivone strives to be a "Sekai Design Company", which will contribute to the world through Designing and rediscovering the old and the new memories that are embedded in the world today.

Our Mission

  • To create an opportunity for everyone to harness there thought and creativity.
  • To Respect the diversity of all mankind, cultures and nature.
  • To constantly challenge the possibilities of mankind's wisdom regardless of its domain.