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Requesting opinions from game industry members on desired features for the "1/24 sec stop watch JAniCA Watch" in game development.



What is JAniCA Watch

This App is a digital recreation of the original analog version created in 1993 by Murata Kazuya, who at the time worked for Studio Jiburi working on "Umi ga Kikoeru"(Ocean Waves) For more detailed information, please see page bellow.

So, why are we asking?

Our main target for the app is animators, however, since games in the recent years have cinematic scenes witch require timing just as animation, many game developers and directors have purchased our product. We have received reviews from them about features that JAniCA watch does not currently support, mainly 1/60 sec measurements.

However, we lack the knowledge and experience of what is specifically needed for game developers, such knowledge is crucial to make a quality App.

Any information would be of great help,
-30fps just won't do because....
-I would rather have something else such as....
-I want to volunteer for testing!
If anyone would like to help, please mail us at

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