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A Joint production with JAniCA, a digital restoration of a stopwatch specialized for Animators born at STUDIO Ghibli.



August 26th 2010, Scivone LLC. and JAniCA has released a new iPhone App "JAniCA Stopwatch". A 1/24&1/30 frame stopwatch specialized for Japanese animation production, available now for $2.99. This App is a digital recreation of the original analog version created in 1993 by Murata Kazuya, who at the time worked for Studio Jiburi working on "Umi ga Kikoeru"(Ocean Waves).

What is JAniCA Watch

The frame rate for Japanese animation is 24 frames per second, where the standard is 30 frames per second. Because of this standard, normal stop watches are not suitable for recording timing for Japanese animations. The only exception being stop watches handcrafted for just this purpose, which where manufactured in short quantities in 1993 by Murata Kazuya who at the time was assistant director at STUDIO Ghibli, working on "Umi ga Kikoeru"(Ocean Waves). JAniCA Stopwatch is a digital replica version.

Due to strong demand from the animation industry, we have recreated this device as an iPhone App, in joint production with JAniCA. Splitting a second into 24 intervals, 6 seconds per lap which is standard for time sheets in Japan, customized for Japanese Anime production. It can also be used for standard movie making in 30 frames per second as well. The analog dial clock from the original clock has been digitally recreated, curtsy of Mr. Murata, the creator of the original analog version.

JAniCA Stopwatch strong points

Standard touch panel interfaces require direct sight for manipulation. JAniCA Stopwatch has overcome this short side by getting rid of all buttons on screen, enabling users to manipulate the app with greater ease. Additionally, due to its nature of being a time recording app, precision is a high priority, even though with the limited resources of iPhone/iPod touches, fast and reliable response time and precision has been achieved.

Joint production with JAniCA

The majority of animators in japan are not full time employees, but are free-lancers who are employed per series by production studios. JAniCA Stopwatch is a tool for such animators that can be owned by animators themselves. The computerization within the animation industry in Japan differs drastically depending on the area of production, some have integrated software solutions that aid and guide users through the process. However on the other side, computer assistance for individual animators remain untouched. This project was started in mind of all individual animators, to create a tool that will aid and be affordable that could be taken anywhere, for the betterment of the animation industry in Japan. This will be a first in a series of tools targeted for animators.

JAniCA Stopwatch Overview

Title JAniCA Stopwatch
Requirments iPod touch 2G, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone4(iOS4 & Retina Display ready)with iPhone OS 3.13 or higher.
Due to spec limitations, iPod touch 1G will not be supported.
Price $2.99
Language English, Japanese

JAniCA Stopwatch site

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JAniCA Stopwatch Interface samples

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JAniCA Stopwatch screen samples

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