Music and/or sound effects are not played on Music Alive.

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Latest Update:2010年02月17日


This entry applies to whom purchased Music Alive after January 10 2010.

This happens usually when the iPhone is set to silent mode, or the system/music volume is set to zero.


iPhone / iPod Touch has two independent volume settings, for its system and music sounds. In Music Alive the volume of sound effects depends on the "system" volume settings, while music itself depends on the "music" setting. When either are set to zero, or when silent mode is active, sound will not be played.

Even when the user has not set the volume to zero, other Apps may change them automatically, and not return them to there previous settings when shutdown. Follow instructions bellow to confirm the current volume settings.

In case Sound Effects are not played correctly

  • If installed on an iPhone, please confirm that the iPhone is not set to silent mode. There is a physical switch located on the upper left side of the iphone, right above the volume buttons. If set to silent mode, a "No Volume Available" message will be shown instead of a volume bar.
  • After exiting Music Alive, open the Settings for the iPhoneOS, open Sounds, and check the volume settings for the Ring.

If instructions above do not solve the problem, please send a support request from our support page with information about your iPhone/iPod touch model and OS version.