Music Alive 1.1 Released. Introducing new features.

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Latest Update:2010年04月13日


Music Alive has been updated to 1.1.0 on Feburary18th of 2010. This article explains the improved and added features of the update.

New Features, Changes

  • - Music Playback Controls Added
  • - Shuffle, repeat feature
  • - Current song retained when being shutdown
  • - Deleting all songs in the play list
  • - Interface improvements
  • - Minor sound effect tuning

Music Playback Controls Added

Music playback can be done with more precision down to the second, with a seek bar just like the iPod.

Shuffle, repeat feature

Shuffle, repeat, repeat one song, random, and no repeat can be chosen. The order can be toggled by dragging the triple line on the right.

Current song retained when being shutdown

In version 1.0, if Music Alive is shutdown mid song, being it mail or phone call, the current song would not be retained when reopening the app, this has been fixed.

Deleting all songs in the play list

Each song must manually be removed or the app needed to be shutdown in the prior version, a button has been added to removed all songs.

Interface improvements

Due to the added features, the UI has been slightly improved, some minor graphical glitches(non responsive buttons) have also been fixed.

Minor sound effect tuning

To compensate for some lagging issues some sound effects have been trimmed where there was no sound.

Please give us your comments and suggestions

If you have any opinions, pro or con, please tell us. Each of them are carefully reviewed and discussed by the Dev Team.

However not all suggestions can be reflected into the product, some because of technical or time constraints, but we are working hard to add wanted features.

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